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Are You Inspired Yet?

January 13, 2011

Have you ever noticed that there are some things that you enjoy doing so much that nobody has to tell you to do them, or that time seems to fly by when you’re doing it? It is most likely because you are inspired by doing it. These are things that you identify yourself with, that are high priorities, and that are high on your value list. In other words they are high intention activities.  This is where inspiration comes from.

Have you ever noticed that doing some things take a tremendous amount of intestinal fortitude for you to finally decide to do them, or it feels like time passes so slowly that the clock feels like it’s going backwards when you’re doing it? It is most likely because you are doing things that are very low on your priority list. These things have little value to you, they are not activities that you identify with and they have become low intention activities. This is why you need motivation to get your arse moving.

This is the difference between inspiration and needing motivation.

When it comes to goal setting, the difference between success and failure in reaching your goals this year is the difference between setting goals that are aligned with your values versus goals that do not align with your values. When you set goals that are in alignment with who you are you awaken leadership capacities, self initiation, and inspiration. When you set goals that are not congruent with your values they create frustration, stress, and disappointment. What kind of goals would you rather have?

So take some time today and reflect on who you are. What are your top 5 values?  Ask yourself what are the top 5 values of a model citizen/parent/friend etc. What do you need to start or stop doing so you can show up as the healthiest version of yourself this year? Don’t wait until you’re broken down and medicated to take action. Invest in yourself, there is no better way to spend your resources. The best time to start was probably a couple years ago, but the second best time is today.

Thank you to all who follow my blog and take action to get the most out of life. You inspire me everyday to learn and share the truth about health and wellness. I am inspired everyday to get out of bed and serve my community and help as many families as possible live fulfilled and happy lives. It is your birthright to be healthy and successful, so claim it!

I love and appreciate you.

Your health coach,

Dr. Ryan Hewitt

Make sure that you follow the 5 Steps to Design Your BEST Year EVER plan to set your goals this year. And when you do, set goals that are in line with your values to keep you inspired!

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