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5 Steps to Design Your BEST Year EVER!

December 31, 2010

If you’re like me, every year I used to get the urge to jump on the “new-years resolutions” bandwagon and make resolutions about all the great things I wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year. Unfortunately if your results were anything like mine the resolutions usually fizzled out by week 3 and were either forgotten or some lame excuse was made about why I couldn’t achieve what I wanted. What I never realized was that resolutions do not set you up for success.  After years of failure though, I finally figured out the secret to ensuring that every upcoming year becomes my best ever. There are 5 steps that must happen in this process that were taught to me by a mentor and success coach named Robin Sharma.


The first step is to take some time to sit down quietly and look back upon the year that is just about to end and think about all the things that happened that year. Take a pen and paper and record all the wins that you can celebrate that happened in the last 12 months.  What are some small or big achievements that happened? The more you think about all of your wins the more you will start to notice how great your year was and you will start to notice things that you may not have noticed before.  This exercise will help you build confidence, energy, and appreciation for your life. Here is your exercise:

  • Write an inventory of successes, wins, achievements and magic moments that you had over the last 12 months


What were some of the things that you learned in the last year?  With better awareness now you can make better choices in the new year and achieve better results. Here are your exercises:

  • What are the 3 best business lessons and what are the 3 best life lessons that you learned from this past year?
  • **What were you doing when you achieved your best results in the last 12 months?**


As Robin Sharma says, “Clarity precedes mastery”.  Get very clear about what needs to happen between now and December 31st 2011 for you to have the best year ever.  This will help create excitement for the year to come and all the greatness that you will achieve.

The next thing you must do to get crystal clear is to set goals. If you don’t have a target to aim for, then how do you know if you’ve hit your mark? Goals are extremely important when it comes to having great achievements in the new year. If you did just this one activity before the new year, you are sure to get some great results. There is a skill to setting goals however….I prefer to set goals in the categories of the The Six P‘s: Purpose, Personal, Professional, Play, Prosperity, People. Now when you set your goals in each category, use the SMART acronym to make them crystal clear.

S- Specific: Be very specific when you set goals.  For example: I want to travel next year is not specific. You went to the next town over for lunch, there ya go you hit your goal! Instead, I want to travel to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

M- Measurable goals make the target real. For example I will lose weight next year is not measurable. Instead, I will lose 10 lbs is both specific and measurable.

A- Affirmative: Always set goals in the affirmative or assumptive by saying: I lost 15 lbs by June 1st 2011, or I have gained 15 lbs of muscle by June 1st 2011

R- Realistic: If your goal is that you want to squat double your body weight but you have not even squatted your body weight yet, chances are you might need more than a year to get there (unless you’re a total freak). So set a goal that is bold, challenging, but achievable.

T: Timeline: If you want to make something happen you must have  a deadline. Always set a date that you will achieve your goal by! The mind is target oriented and it needs to know when you’re going to get it done or it won’t become a priority.

  • Set 3 SMART goals in each of the 6 P’s of your life……..And write them down! A short pencil is always better than a long memory.  This will also be useful for regular review of your progress!


Take your goals that you’ve just set and graduate them into a plan.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

  • Take your goals and chunk them down into a month by month plan


Your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and visualized experience. Have you ever thought about a time where you were really upset or angry and all of a sudden your physiology changed and it was like you were living it all over again? This is because your mind is so powerful that it creates the reality that you perceive it to be. This is why all Olympic athletes visualize their course or routine or game with the outcome that they want.  Visualizing your life as you want it to be ties you to it emotionally and it engages your senses. You must visualize your year ahead with color, detail, and clarity. Feel it.

  • Take 5 minutes every morning and visualize your day, visualize your month, your year. If you believe it, you will see it.

I know that if you take these 5 steps and put them into action in 2011 you will most definitely have the best year of your life. Guaranteed!

I love and appreciate all of you, happy new year and make it the best year ever!

Your health coach,

Dr. Ryan Hewitt


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