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WHY is everyone so sick?

February 23, 2009
Sickness is lack of health just as darkness is lack of light

Sickness is lack of health just as darkness is lack of light

 Well here’s a bold statement: Sickness is not a thing or an entity…it doesn’t even exist.  Sickness, by definition, is simply the lack of vitality or health.  When you take away health what are you left with? Sickness and disease.  Let me illustrate this concept by comparing darkness v.s. light- Darkness is not a thing since it can’t be measured; it has no physical properties.  Light is a thing; it consists of charged particles.  It is the lack of light that creates darkness, right? Imagine if you were in a well lit room and you opened a closet door that was sealed off with no light inside.  When you opened the door did darkness rush out of the closet or does light rush in? Light rushes in to illuminate the closet of course. Why? Because light exists and darkness does not.  Now, the only way to treat darkness is to add light.  You can’t chase around darkness with a special vacuum to suck up shadows and all the darkness to increase the light, you must add light.  Turn up the light! If you wanted to make someone healthier could you look for “disease” and remove it? Of course not. You can’t remove something that does not exist; to make someone healthier you have to increase the amount of health.  So how do you do you turn up your light or turn up your vitality? The only way is to have all requirements met and be free of toxicity. In other words, it is impossible to be 100% healthy by supplying cells with only some requirements and eliminating only some toxins.  Your body has very specific needs in order to express health and if you don’t provide them then you will have a worse shorter life- everytime.  Plants can’t be healthy if they have water and nutrients but no sunlight. Even if they had water, sunlight, and all required nutrients they couldn’t be healthy if they were being poisoned.  The same is true for human beings. You can’t eat all organic healthy foods, have a healthy state of mind, not exercise and be healthy. Nor can you expect to be healthy if you are poisoning yourself. 

Symptoms and “diseases” are simply signs that the intelligence of your body is under stress and is being forced to try to adapt. It is not an indication that your body is prone to failures; they are signs that you are failing to provide the proper environment to support it. The goal of a wellness intevention then is to eliminate chronic interferences of your body so the normal state of health can be restored.

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  1. drhewitt permalink*
    February 23, 2009 5:55 pm

    Please feel free to comment, I appreciate any feedback you have 🙂

  2. pat Benoit permalink
    March 5, 2009 8:10 pm

    As always, Ryan makes perfect sense.If I only had the guts and motivation to achieve perfect health. then my disease would disappear?

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