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What Is Health?

February 9, 2009
Where are you headed?
Where are you headed?

So if I asked you what is health, what did you answer?

If you’re like most people, you said “feeling good.” Hmmm.

Well, here’s a better question, what is the definition of health? The definition in the dictionary is “A state of optimal cell function.” But wait a minute, I thought it was feeling good? Well, let’s look at tooth decay or spinal decay.  By the time your tooth hurts or you have sciatic pain, how long has the problem been there? A long time right? What about heart disease? How are you doing by the time you have symptoms of heart disease? Oh yeah, in 50% of people by the time you have your first symptom (usually a heart attack) you’re a goner.  What about cancer? What are the early signs or symptoms of cancer? Don’t burn any brain cells because there are none. So how you feel is not only inaccurate but it’s also a dangerous way to guage how healthy you truly are!  

Get proactive. Waiting for a problem to show up before taking action is deadly.  Prevention can only be so helpful.  For example how long has that colon cancer been in your body that your “preventative” colonoscopy was finally able to detect? Or how long has that breast cancer been in your body by the time you found the lump. Yikes.  It’s time to start thinking about promoting your health.  Get a health coach. No, not someone who sees and studies sick people all day long.  Find someone like a chiropractor who can give you strategies on how to care for your health. Somebody who knows how to help you eat, move, and think better. We are designed to live 120 years. What are you doing to make sure you stay healthy? And how’s that going so far?



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