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You Are a Wild Animal in Captivity

February 1, 2009
Must have been born with the fat gene

Must have been born with the fat gene

Health is a simple concept.  This is why other “dumb” animals are so much healthier than humans.  They simply follow natural laws and supply their genes what they need to express health.  Our requirements for health are no different.  One of the worst things that has happend to us as the human species is that we have totally separated ourselves from the animal kingdom.  We forget that we are a mammal species that has the same natural requirements for health as any other animal does.  Think about it, we have even created separate zoology departments for animal studies on university campuses.  This is why people will feed their kids donuts and twinkies but not their dog.

Human beings living in industrialized societies are by far the sickest species on the planet.  We are the eqivalent to wild animals living in captivity.  If we take animals out of their natural environments and make them live in our industrialized environment they get the same sicknesses we get: Obesity, cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes, shorter lifespan etc.  We have to stop blaming things like our genes, or bad luck, or bad germs when we get sick.  We must start looking at the way we live our lives, how much we move our body everyday, what we are eating, and how we manage our stress levels and our state of mind.

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  1. Kendra permalink
    February 10, 2009 2:47 pm

    This one is fantastic!

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